Meetings & Events

The meeting and events banquet hall at Hotel Asian Park, known as GOL MAHAL, is a dedicated space designed to host various gatherings, conferences, weddings, and social events. Established with a focus on versatility and sophistication, GOL MAHAL offers an elegant setting with modern amenities to ensure the success of different occasions.

Key features of GOL MAHAL include:

  1. Capacity: GOL MAHAL has the capacity to accommodate up to 100 persons, making it suitable for both intimate and moderately sized events. This flexibility allows for hosting a range of gatherings, from corporate meetings to wedding receptions.

  2. Versatility: The banquet hall is designed to be versatile, allowing it to be customized based on the specific requirements of different events. Whether it’s a business conference that requires a formal setup or a celebratory occasion demanding a more festive ambiance, GOL MAHAL can be adapted accordingly.

  3. Modern Facilities: Equipped with modern audio-visual facilities, GOL MAHAL ensures that presentations, speeches, and entertainment elements of an event can be seamlessly executed. This is especially crucial for conferences, seminars, and corporate meetings.

  4. Professional Staff: The hotel’s professional and experienced staff are dedicated to assisting with event planning and execution. From helping with seating arrangements to coordinating catering services, the team at GOL MAHAL strives to ensure that events run smoothly and meet the expectations of the hosts and attendees.

  5. Ambiance: The banquet hall is designed with a tasteful and elegant decor that can be adapted to suit various themes or color schemes. The ambiance is crafted to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for guests attending events at the venue.

  6. Catering Services: GOL MAHAL can arrange for catering services, providing a variety of culinary options to suit the preferences of event hosts and their guests. Whether it’s a formal sit-down dinner or a buffet-style meal, the catering services aim to enhance the overall dining experience.

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